Handbag at Starkwhite

Tonight I went to an opening
at Starkwhite in Karangahape Road
in Auckland.
It was a jovial event.
People were happy.
Reluctantly, I had to leave
quite early
but as I was about to do so
I noticed this handbag sitting
on the polished concrete floor
that is such a feature of this
The only camera I had on me
was the one in my iPhone.
From my iPhone I emailed it to my laptop
which was back at my batcave.
From my laptop I have sent it out via
Photoshop to this site that you are now reading.
There is probably a way that I could
have sent it directly from my iPhone
to this site but that path I have yet to learn.
Remarkably, to me, the picture
reminds me of a Gavin Hipkins
Starkwhite are his
Auckland dealers so his work is often
on these walls.