Feel Like Some Homework?

Tonight I’m clearing some items from my desk in preparation for the new week. Below is an email from a tertiary level student. In an ideal world I would answer it in full detail of course but when I look at it it’s not a five minute job. It’s called ‘research’ I know, but unfortunately it’s not research I’m particularly interested in, so what do I do?

Letter such as this come in a solid stream too of course so they have the potential to be a prob.

Still, in this case I am going to respond to this letter in detail, not sure why, just seem to be in the mood that’s all and at least the spelling is perfect and it’s polite and I can use it as an exemplar. So, if I can think of any useful angles on any of the questions I’ll post them.


Hi, sorry to bother you, but i am doing an assignment for **** and was
wondering if you were willing to answer a few questions for me. I
would just like to get your opinion on a few points.
1. Is there a difference between a photo, or digital image?
2. If so how much/what type of manipulation is acceptable before a
‘photo’ becomes an ‘image’?
3. What direction do you see photography taking in the future?
4. What technological developments will impact on that direction?
5. As a professional photographer has the transition from film to
digital made a big impact on you.
Thank you for your time. I hope you can give me some insight into this
subject. If there is anything else that is related that i haven’t
thought to ask, but you have an opinion on, then please feel free to
let me know.

Your sincerely