Kaikoura Coast

I drove down the Kaikoura coast a few days ago and stopped several times to take photographs. It has some spectacular rocks. When I saw this rock my photographic geiger counter was registering. I’d like to see this as a largish print.


After two nights in Christchurch spending time
with family, I continued my journey north, taking a break
a couple of hours later at Kaikoura. The rock
formations in that area are very photogenic not that
I have so far managed to find an image that I wanted to
retain. This was a quick snap which will give me
an idea of these remarkable formations
look like when I photograph them. Sometimes I have
to photograph something in order for me to see
what it looks like when I photograph it.

Tonight I am in a motel in Picton. I’d like to spend more time
exploring this area but I am becoming anxious to reach home,
and I’m taking a ferry to Wellington in the morning.
Another time perhaps.