The Press

The title of this posting is a link to an interview of me published on Wednesday, in The Press. It is the only daily paper in Christchurch.

The image above was taken near McRaes Flat in Otago, where there is a fence, with runs for a couple of hundred metres, draped with skins. There is a variety, wild goats, pigs, the occasional sheep, and possum. Here is another photo from the scene.

The other famous fence in Otago, near Wanaka, which was draped with bras, is no more. It was becoming such a traffic hazard that they have been removed.

McRaes Flat Gold Mine

In Central Otago there is a massive pit being dug as part of the process
of extracting gold. These trucks are some of the biggest in the world even though
here they look like toys. They can carry 190 tons of rock.


While heading from Dunedin to Central Otago yesterday, I drove over
the strangely named Pigroot. I might have ventured off the Pigroot but I did
find about 100 skins, all draped over a barbed wire fence. This is near McRaes Flat
where gold is being mined.