Methanex at Motunui

In the previous post I referred to an
exhibition catalogue of my work
called The Left Hand Raised.
The photo above was included in that
exhibition. It was taken at the Methanex
plant at Motunui, a few kilometres north
of New Plymouth.
The plant converts natural gas into
methanol, almost all of which is exported
to countries such as China, Japan, and Korea.
Building it was one of the Think Big projects
from the time of the Muldoon government.
It remains one of the biggest engineering projects ever
undertaken in New Zealand.
When construction was finished, Methanex
gave this massive model to a museum here.
The model was not built just for fun
but as a visual guide to assist in the
While I can see what attracted me
to taking the photos below, I
am letting them pass as they
just don’t quite make it.