In the two previous posts
I did a very unusual thing.
I showed two photos without
any words. In more than
700 posts I’d never done this
before. This time I’ll post words
without any pictures.
That’ll be a first too.
I wanted to see the photos
presented in a clean way
without the static of words.
The photo of the beam pump
I took last Friday afternoon here
at Moturoa in New Plymouth.
The oil and gas field, right on the
edge of town and by the port,
was the first in New Zealand
to be commercially explored.
In 1865 gas was discovered at 7 metres
and oil at 20.
The petrochemical industry is now
a major part of the economy of this
The photo of the gun I already blogged about on March 2nd,
however I wanted to bring it forward so that
I could see what the two looked like next to
each other.