Two Auckland Views

Here are a couple of views of Auckland
that I saw recently and couldn’t resist
having a look at via my camera.
I have noticed that when I do make
cityscape photos like this I do have a
tendency to make them look post-apocalyptic,
or at the least, like something from the
Communist era. There are never any
open windows, or people on the footpaths.
In fact even now, when I look at the
photo below I find myself itching
to get Photoshop to work and remove
the lights from the windows.

About 30 years ago when
I was just starting as a photographer
I was asked if I would take a series of
publicity photos for Parnell, which
at that time was rapidly being gentrified,
and was working on building it’s image.
I approached the task with gusto,
there was a fee, that was an added
inducement. When I showed the first dozen
or so photos to the person supervising the project
it was amicably agreed that perhaps I was
not the right person for the job.
The entire bunch of photos made
Parnell look like Chernobyl.