Pet Shop 3

Back in a pet shop yesterday,
browsing, I came across
these small kennels.
Well, I can’t be too sure that
they are meant solely for dogs,
they might also appeal to cats
but I don’t know what a
shelter for cats, if there is such
a thing, would be called.

Pet Shop 2

Here is a toy that I bought at a pet shop in Brisbane.
For dogs, when squeezed, it squeaks.
However no dog will however be allowed
to bite this one as I enjoy it
too much myself, not the squeak,
but the overall shape that it
Most of all I would like
to make a marble version.

Pet Shop Boy

The pet shop is a place I often visit
with my camera, or even without
my camera for that matter.
In this case I have used the camera
in my iPhone.
I visit it not, however, just for the animals,
that are found there,
fish, bird, canine, or reptilian
but also for the supplementary
material, the objects that
are placed in aquaria for example.
Or the toys that they have for cats and dogs.
I often buy some of these items
not that I have cat, dog, or fish.

The Pet Shop

I find that pet shops are a good
source of material for my
Lately I have been buying objects
that are intended for submersion
in aquaria.
One day I will buy
the aquarium itself.