Inch Worm

Parallel with my photographic
career I have from time to
time worked in other media.
Sometimes I have worked in stone,
sometimes in wood, and sometimes,
as in the photo above
I have used polymer clay,
of which Fimo is the most
famous example, although
on this occasion I used
a variety made in Palmerston North
called Du-Kit.
I like polymer clay because of its pliability.
It’s possible to doodle with it so to speak.
When a shape reaches something
that I like it can be popped in the oven
for a few minutes and it will harden.
Bakelite was an early example
of polymer clay.
In this case I have not yet cooked it
because it needs smoothing out a bit more,
there are places where it is a bit lumpy.
However, I had bought a new camera
and I decided to try photographing
it. I quite like the result.