This morning I went for a walk
in Pukekura Park, a large area of land
a few minutes walk from where
I live.
This ticket box, if that is the word,
has always appealed to me.
In a slight state of disrepair
I would like to see it preserved
especially as it is one of my favourite
buildings in New Plymouth.


In this hemisphere of the planet
this is the time for Dogwood
to be flourishing.
As an Aucklander
I wasn’t aware of Dogwood
until I began to
spend more time in
cooler parts of New Zealand.
I’ve photographed Dogwood
three or four times in the last
couple of years and the photo
above is my most recent attempt.
This particular image was taken
with my new iPhone, in Pukekura Park
here in New Plymouth.

Pukekura Park

Often I walk through Pukekura Park and, while it’s good exercise, I’m always on the lookout for something to photograph. Here is a scene from the hothouse there. I’m living with this photo for a while to see if I can come to understand it more. There is something in the scene that draws me in.

Pukekura Park

These are two trees in Pukekura Park, as they appeared yesterday evening. WOMAD was held under the shelter of these trees.