It’s taking me hours today to assemble a letter to the editor of the Taranaki daily newspaper. I still haven’t completed it but I want to get it away today because Council elections are this weekend.

The Len Lye Foundation want to demolish the Regent building for their World Centre for Len Le. As it happens I am particularly fond of the Regent. It’s right next door to the Govett-Brewster. The Govett-Brewster admin are enthusiastic about the project which is unfortunate because I’m a ratepayer in New Plymouth and I don’t enjoy my money being spent in this way. The Council so far, while not unanimously behind the Foundation’s activities, have offered no resistance to the destruction of this landmark, although what I’m discovering is that a lot of people, both pro and anti the Foundation’s goals, don’t realise that this building is to go.

I have made postings about this before. Here is one of them.

The large photos in the windows are mine. The owner of the building before the Council purchased it, gave me the use of the corner room to put up a drive-by show. It was between tenants.