Rock, Back Beach

A photo from Back Beach,
one of my favourite haunts
on the coast here.
Luckily it is only a few
minutes drive from where
I am sitting.
In this photo I recognise
one of my favourite themes:
just how big is the object that I am
looking at.
I don’t do this deliberately,
I just can’t help it.
Unfortunately in this case
the barnacles undermine the illusion.

Ready, set…..

I’ve pretty well got things organised here now. Moving is a big task. Perhaps it
often takes a bit longer than planned. Now I feel ready to move out and explore the surrounding area. I’ve been here 3 weeks now.

This photo is 3 or 4 years old. Originally the object was a lead sinker, designed for
fishing off wide, sandy beaches that have a lot of waves. A friend painted it up like this. I printed it up as a small little photo, and in an edition.

Tonight I’m going to a piano recital at the local museum. The pianist is Maurice Till, playing amongst other composers, Chopin.

In the morning I am going to buy some detailed maps of the area and start planning some exploration. One option is to take a trip which leaves on a boat from a landing on the Clutha river right below where I live. The boat takes tourist on a trip down the river towards Roxburgh dam.

I’ve just managed to get broadband set up which is making things a lot easier. And I am getting used to my Apple Mac.