Southern Studies

Today I was in Invercargill, at the Southland Museum & Art Gallery.
It was quite a big moment for me because I have an exhibition of 31 photos there at present. I hadn’t seen the show before and there was no opening. The show began on Jan 8th and is on until March 2nd.

I’ve had minimal contact with the gallery lately, largely because the four staff members who I usually dealt with have all recently left, nothing to do with me I hasten to add. I hadn’t seen any installation shots so I was rather apprehensive when I walked in. In fact I had to take a friend. The last time I saw the show was when it was laid out on the floor of my New Plymouth studio.

The room had a number of visitors who seemed to be quite absorbed in looking at the photos which I took to be a good sign however I was worried that I would overhear some derogatory remarks so I had to force myself to stay as long as I did. I don’t find it easy being so exposed to the public, in that way I’m in the wrong job.

Eventually I did lose my nerve and just before bolting I grabbed this image as quickly as I could before I got out of there. Unfortunately I must, in my haste, have moved the camera. I can see camera shake.

I’d love to be able to direct you to their website but it is only half a page long and alas, makes no mention of my show at all!

Inadequate websites are not uncommon among galleries in New Zealand but most surprising example is the Govett-Brewster in New Plymouth. Even though they claim to be a contemporary art gallery, in fact the ‘leading contemporary museum in the country’ and liberally use words like ‘groundbreaking’ they have a site that is bordering on being woefully unpleasant to navigate. Try it for yourself.