Mixed Media

Here are two photos, both a couple of years
old but they have something in common.
The top one, I would like
to see made into a tapestry. I have been looking
for a suitable photo for a long time, but this
is the first that I feel is close to what I need.
It has, for example, flat planes of
colour, anything with shading is too dificult.
As a boy I used to do quite a bit of needlework.
My mother encouraged me, in our family
it wasn’t seen as sissy at all.
Even in recent years I’ve had several
goes at taking it up. I think I give up
on that career now though. Someone
once described my stitches as tormented
and they were right. I’d rather find
a professional to do it for me now.
The photo of the stairs I would like to see
turned into a thousand piece jigsaw. Again,
it is the only photo that I have ever taken that
I’ve felt this way about.