Studio View

Here is one studio view that I have taken while back in New Plymouth.
Two of the photos on the wall are ones that I have taken in the last few days, on the left the industrial looking one, and on the right the fish fillet. Sorry that I took this in black and white, I was playing around with the settings on my camera. Still maybe black and white is good.

The piano is a restored Seegers, made in England in the 50’s. I like the look of it, it’s quite compact and has a lovely mellow sound. I just tinker around but two Christian evangelists who just rang my doorbell, said that they were sorry to interrupt my beautiful playing! They know how to say the right things! Where do I sign?

I have taken the opportunity to practise over this week, I’ve been neglecting my piano in the last few months.

The two dolls are ones that I have seen and not been able to resist. The sock monkey on the right is one I bought in Christchurch a few days ago. I’ve tried photographing both of these dolls. I have others as well.

The pot plant is one grown from cuttings. It’s a begonia that looks as if it got too near to Chernobyl.

Below that are a couple of steam engines. Sometimes, I fire these engines up, particularly if
friends are here. They have a lot of personality when they are running.

The round white faced instrument measures temperature and humidity. I bought it in Muji in Tokyo. I like knowing these measurements.