Te Papa

At present it is Te Papa’s 10th birthday. While leaving Wellington
on a ferry a few days ago I saw this view of it. I realised that
I hadn’t seen any photos of it from the sea for a long time, maybe 10
years. Now I see why. (click on the image to see a larger view)

While I have heard the front view described as that of a ‘Russian polytech’ this view
reminded of my backyard. Sydney Opera House it is not.

Sandpit Scene
This is the sandpit in Ponsonby cafe. Once again I recognise this photo. I have taken many versions of it in the past couple of years, although I don’t think that I have released any of them. There seems to be something about randomness that attracts me. I’ll keep working with these images until either I get over it, or I start publishing them in ways other than on this site.
After morning coffee with a client, I taxi to Auckland airport and then fly to Wellington. My first stop there will be with Paul Craig a framer, to see about having some of my photos framed. After that I go to a city hotel, and over the next couple of days, until I fly back to New Plymouth on Sunday, catch up with a few friends, and have a general relax I hope.
One thing that I want to do is to go to Te Papa, to see a show that includes, I believe, three of my photos. I say believe, because in line with normal practice of public galleries in this country, they don’t automatically inform artists when their work is included in exhibitions. This is a show of 300 works from their collection that took them 14 months to put together.