In a previous post I mentioned how art auctions
often bring out little known works of mine.
This photo of a lizard, which I think is a
Monitor, is an example.
It has appeared in the latest Webb’s
The image is probably about 30 years old
and I doubt if there are more than
one or two prints in existence.
However the reason that I have
included it in this post is
that recently I took a photo
of a sea lion and when I look
at the two photos together
they are almost totally congruent.
It is almost as if I have templates
somewhere in my brain
and that it is subjects
that fit these templates
that I am looking for.

Climbing Wall 2005

In the post below I included a photo of some birds, called Zoo Music, taken in the 80’s. On thinking about it
more I see that the birds aren’t the real subject of the picture, the real subject is the arrangement of the birds on the perches. The birds are almost the excuse.

This formal concern is something that keeps reappearing. In this photo above, which taken last year, is not really about a climbing wall, which is what it is, but about the spaces between the grips.

I have mentioned below, in Templates, how there are certain shapes that I return to on quite a regular basis. Here are a couple of examples, the top photo being of the St Pauls rock at Whangaroa, and the lower, one of a cluster here at New Plymouth. Both are the cores of volcanoes, approx 6 million years old.