Tongariro National Park

This is a view in or near Tongariro National Park, in the alpine centre of the North Island of New Zealand.

I found this little photo in a file, not sure if I have the negative still but hopefully so.

The photo was taken about 20 years ago, now I would like to see it bigger. I can see why I was attracted to the scene in the first place.

I’ve tried to revisit this spot a couple of times, but the weather conditions made it too difficult. The photo above was taken in summer.

I am gathering all my negatives, including colour, together in preparation for the arrival of a new scanner. It is capable of making high quality scans from negatives and I want to begin methodically working through what I have. It is possible that there will be images in there that I would like to look at. It will be a big project but worth it. I’ll be able to make contact sheets as I go.