Tulip Time

Last night at my birthday party there was a vase overflowing with
these beautiful tulips. I hadn’t seen this type before but I find them extraordinary.

Tulips are nearly at an end here unfortunately. Daffodils finished a couple of weeks
ago although thankfully, peonies are now coming into bloom. All these species thrive in this colder climate.

On the hills north of here wild thyme is coming into season and I look forward to seeing that too.

Tulip Toyland

On Thursday night I stayed in a house nestled in several acres of steep and interestingly planted land near St Bathans, in Central Otago.

While mountains were everywhere, and a compulsion to photograph them is almost inevitable, the sight of these assorted tulips dotted around, drew me in like a magnet. I photographed them in the morning, and I photographed them in the evening. Picture is not fully there yet perhaps but if you click on the image to magnify it, it makes the toyland quality that I was drawn into, more clearly visible. It could benefit by being larger.


I’m seeing a lot of tulips this spring. Being, by New Zealand standards, quite cold, Southland is able to grow them in quantities economically not possible in other parts of the country.

Tulips have been coming out into flower over the last 3 weeks or so, so I’ve plenty of opportunity to see different varieties. The more complex they are the more I’m beginning to like them. Previously, the opposite was true.