Apple Tree

I’ve been travelling a little bit
around the North Island
beyond New Plymouth, lately.

One of my pleasures
is to come across a photo
of mine and to see it
settled into a loving home in
another part of this
country, in this case Whanganui.


A couple of days ago I was browsing through the museum in Wanganui and was attracted by the look of this lizard skeleton. The foot in particular I think, although the vertebrae make a repetition that I like too.

I don’t mind the way in which the light flared off the label. It might even add to the photo in some way. I wouldn’t have wanted any words there to interfere with the other rhythms.

A technical point is that this photo was taken with a camphone which because the light was low, I pressed hard against the thick glass of the display cabinet. Camera shake is a problem with camphones, and by doing this I’ve sharpened the image up considerably.

Here are the recently restored, steps leading up the hill to the Sarjeant Gallery. Camphone again.