Here at my home it is
Invasion of the Wasps
While, this year, people who are
growing Swan Plants in order
to encourage Monarch butterflies,
are noticing how the caterpillars
are being killed by wasps,
here I have been troubled by swarms of wasps
drinking from the dish of sugar
water that I put out for tuis.
Some of the
wasps did drown but many were
able to land on the water, drink,
and fly away.
The key has been to put some
dishwasher detergent in
the water. This lowers the
surface tension and as a result
the wasps land and quickly drown.
I have killed about 100 since this time
One problem is that the tuis
don’t like the taste of the detergent
but another day or two
and this wasp community
might be severely decimated,
hopefully exterminated.
They certainly appear to
be reduced in number.
There are ways to make
wasp traps including simple
ones made from large plastic drink bottles.
The internet has many suggestions.