WOMAD is on in New Plymouth this weekend. The population of this city of 50,000 is boosted by perhaps 15,000 visitors so visitors are everywhere and the atmosphere is a lighthearted one. Womad started at 6 pm on Friday and finishes on Sunday night.

I bought a 3 day ticket several months ago and put it away in a very safe place. Problem is that it’s in such a safe place I can’t find it! I’ve been searching for about a month now. Tried every technique known to mankind, apart from praying to St Anthony who is, I believe, the patron saint of lost WOMAD tickets.

But as I write this tonight, I feel for those visitors because there is cold, hard rain and it’s dark. Brooklands Bowl is nearby.

The photo of the ducks etc, I took in the Bowl, the day after the last WOMAD finished.

P.S. Sunday morning.
Met a friend at the Farmers Market this morning. He’d danced in the rain at WOMAD last night until 3 a.m. so that’s good news. Meanwhile the rain continues. Forecast is for clearing weather later today.