Central Landscapes

Yesterday, when returning home from Danseys Pass to Alexandra across landscape like this, I was reminded of some photos that I had taken a couple of months ago. I had chartered a small plane with pilot and flew over this landscape for an hour. I was a bit hindered by the curved and rather aged windows but these two photos were the ones that I retained.

The top photo is the famous Poolburn Dam, and the lower, the equally famous Styx Valley.


Parts of Central Otago are rocky landscapes as in the top half of this photograph.
There are flat areas too, often with sheep on them, sometimes fruit. Remember to click on the photo to see, in this case, more sheep.

Central Otago

On Thursday night I went to Grahame Sydney’s for dinner.
I took this photo from his balcony.

Central Otago

Sorry to have been out of touch for the last few days but I have been in Central Otago and way out of range of a computer connection. No mobile connection either.

Completely different to any other part of New Zealand, some of it is arid and rocky, cold in winter and hot in summer. Westerns could easily be filmed there.

Gold mining was one of the main activities and here is a view of some miners huts that have been preserved. I’m always intrigued by subjects that somehow get lost in the background. At Cape Foulwind some years ago from a high vantage point I tried to photograph seals lying on rocks. They were remarkably well disguised and it took several minutes to identify just how many there were there.