Central Stories, the museum in Alexandra, Central Otago, where I lived for the last year, has, in its collection, this wooden grinder, perhaps it wasn’t a grinder at all, perhaps it was for making butter, I’m not sure. However in my imagination, I would like to think that it was for turning wheat into flour in order to make bread.

I photographed it two or three times over a few months but usually from further back.

The handle in the base of the device was fun to turn. It made the wooden section on the left of this image rotate, while simultaneously the base turned in a contrary direction. I found it riveting to watch. I even liked the sound it made.

I’m sorry that I have only this one photo left, but it was the last, and I think, the best, bread or butter!

Central Landscapes

Yesterday, when returning home from Danseys Pass to Alexandra across landscape like this, I was reminded of some photos that I had taken a couple of months ago. I had chartered a small plane with pilot and flew over this landscape for an hour. I was a bit hindered by the curved and rather aged windows but these two photos were the ones that I retained.

The top photo is the famous Poolburn Dam, and the lower, the equally famous Styx Valley.