This photo could now be
2 years old.
I have a large print pinned to one of my walls
and I often glance at it
as I walk past and think, wow,
that has the juice. Excoriation
is a word that comes to mind.
One day I will print up an edition
but of course that is costly
so in the meantime it remains here
for my personal delectation.
When I took the photo below in Eltham
a couple of weeks ago
and I was reminded of Fillet again.


Up until the last two or three years
when I took a new photo I always printed it up,
in an edition usually, and then moved on.
More recently though I’ve been stockpiling images,
doing no more than making draft prints
and putting them on my studio
walls for my own personal pleasure without
going any further with them. The photo above
is an example.
One reason for this situation is that
I seem to be photographing more
now than ever before. I’m not sure why but perhaps working
digitally has increased my output. Another
reason is that I now see images in colour as
well as black and white. For a long time
I worked exclusively in the latter.
This photo I made about 18 months ago.
Lately, I’ve been feeling that it needs printing up, quite