Recently, in Eltham, I bought
this glass dish.
It immediately caught my eye
as something that I could
photograph. Or at least
something that I should try to
Visually, it reminded me of
of both a milk drop and
an oyster shell.

Eltham Church

Eltham is a small South Taranaki town.
It’s well know for it’s cheese and recently
Ronald Hugh Morrieson’s novel Predicament
was filmed there. Hawera, his home town is about
20 minutes car ride south.
Not far away is a Fonterra factory.
Fonterra is the biggest company in New
This miniature church is in a garden
open to the public. Anyone in Eltham
would tell you how to find it.


This photo could now be
2 years old.
I have a large print pinned to one of my walls
and I often glance at it
as I walk past and think, wow,
that has the juice. Excoriation
is a word that comes to mind.
One day I will print up an edition
but of course that is costly
so in the meantime it remains here
for my personal delectation.
When I took the photo below in Eltham
a couple of weeks ago
and I was reminded of Fillet again.

The Butcher in Eltham

Eltham is a small town in South Taranaki
mainly known for its cheese.
However, it is also a very intact town
and there is an awareness that
what they have, in terms of intact
buildings, is extremely important.
There is a movement to save these
treasures, in many cases empty shops.
In this case, I took this Francis Baconish
photo through the window of a butcher’s shop.
While no longer in use as such,
the window of the premises has relics in it such
as knives and other instruments
used in the ancient craft of preparing meat.
You might be relieved to know that this carcass
is not real.

Wall at Eltham.


There is a memorable wall at Eltham in South Taranaki.
It is entirely encrusted with …..well, I don’t know
what to call them but here are some examples.
The collection has been on display for some time
so they are fading and some have been pillaged as well
but it is still very impressive. Eltham is a tiny town
so anybody will tell you how to find it.
Remember that if you click on the images
they will enlarge.