Recently, in Eltham, I bought
this glass dish.
It immediately caught my eye
as something that I could
photograph. Or at least
something that I should try to
Visually, it reminded me of
of both a milk drop and
an oyster shell.

At night, in Invercargill, I often walk past shop windows, many brightly lit. For the first time in my life I have a truly pocket sized camera, a Leica C-Lux 2 and I’ve been taking lots of snaps. I’ve even been taking photos of mannequins.

There is something about the design philosophy of the Leica that I like, in fact it’s spoiling me for other cameras. It’s like going from PC to Mac which I’ve also just done. Soon I’ll be completely insufferable!

Learning how to use a Mac and to write my blog posts anew, has I know resulted in my posts looking…well, almost simplistic in their construction. Still,I’m grateful to get back into the blogosphere.