More Brisbane Views

In the previous post I showed
a photo of a coral reef
that I took in a museum in Brisbane,
not that I like the word ‘took’ very much
when used in describing the photographic process.
Here are another couple of views
from the same room.

If I was to Photoshop out the penguin in this
photo, I think that the photo would be improved.

A Long Way From Home

This Adelie Penguin, looking a little the worse for wear, is in the museum here in Alexandra, not on display, but in a storage cupboard.

Apparently in the early 1930’s it was brought back live from Antarctica to Dunedin, on Admiral Byrd’s ship Jacob Rupert. It died in Dunedin but after what interval I don’t know. I hope that it had a happy time there but I fear not.

I would like to have another attempt at photographing it, something more in the line of a portrait, although the sense of it sheltering in this metal box is interesting as well. Perhaps that idea needs developing.