More Brisbane Views

In the previous post I showed
a photo of a coral reef
that I took in a museum in Brisbane,
not that I like the word ‘took’ very much
when used in describing the photographic process.
Here are another couple of views
from the same room.

If I was to Photoshop out the penguin in this
photo, I think that the photo would be improved.

Turtle Again


I don’t know what’s causing it but turtles
in some form or other keep
popping up in my life. I don’t know why, I am
not even especially interested in them.
However, they are most welcome anyway.
This particular one was given to me
by a young boy many years ago.
I had admired it and in a most generous action
he gave it to me.
It has been one of my most valued possessions
ever since.
Thank you Pippin.

Turtle 2

Once again a turtle has caught my eye.
This behemoth lives at the Auckland Zoo.

Although, oddly enough, when I look
at the photo now, the turtle looks
quite small. Well, not massive anyway
as it is in reality.

Something, in the course of making the photo,
has changed the sense of scale.
I think that it is one of my themes.
I’ve noticed it in other photos, the one
below for example.


There is an intriguing children’s playground
in Whanganui, with all sorts of animal sculptures, some,
like this one, have been well loved.

If you happen to be in
Whanganui you can’t miss the spot, it’s on the banks of the river,
on the inland side.

The first question that I have about the image, is of course, the
usual one. Should I just discard it or should I stay with it,
maybe make a print and have a look.

The next question is, should I Photoshop out some of the white marks, the toes
for example? Try tidying up the paintwork and see if I like it better, or not.

I especially like the sun flare on the body, and the solid disc of shadow
on the ground.