Studio Walls

Today I began, for the first time in ages,
organising the walls of my studio.
Basically I’m doing a ruthless rehang.
I decided to start with my left hand. The wall
to the left of where I sit when I write on the
Here are 3 recent works, they begin
the line.

Pumpkin Again

Following the previous post,
here is another photograph of a pumpkin.
Let me explain how this image came about.
A pumpkin had been purchased with the intention
of making soup. However, in the artist’s residence where
I was staying there was a blue plinth. I like plinths.
This residence is in Invercargill, at the bottom of the
South Island of New Zealand and this was a couple of years
I had placed the grey crown pumpkin on the plinth
because I was enjoying its shape and colour.
However, I had purchased some inflatable toys, ones
that when blown up, projected spikes all over.
One of these toys, in a moment of over exuberance on my
part perhaps, had exploded, and as a result had a tear
along one side.
A couple of friends where there with me at the time,
we were enjoying ourselves. I looked up, only to see Buzz, one of the guests,
wearing the rubber balloon on his head like a helmet and looking hilarious.
As the evening progressed, I found that the helmet had been
transferred to the pumpkin and there it stayed.


Just south of here, on the banks of the Clutha, there is someone who grows giant pumpkins.
Last year’s biggest was something like 206 kg. Here is one of his specimens, sitting on top of ornamental gourds that are for sale at 10 for $10.