This photo is of an artificial rose,
the type that has a small light bulb in it.

Studio Walls

Today I began, for the first time in ages,
organising the walls of my studio.
Basically I’m doing a ruthless rehang.
I decided to start with my left hand. The wall
to the left of where I sit when I write on the
Here are 3 recent works, they begin
the line.

Red Rose

About a year ago I took this photo, here at my New Plymouth studio.
I know the approximate date because this is a Dublin Bay rose that I have growing in a pot, and as well as doubling in size over the last year is about to flower again. This bloom in the photograph came from last years blossoming.
I made a print at the time and it’s been up on one of my walls since then. Now I’m having another look at it.


I’ve had this Dublin Bay rose growing in a pot outside for several years. It hasn’t grown much, its roots need more room but still, every year it produces several perfect blooms. Soon it will have its realease.

Last year, when I was making one of my frequent trips from Central Otago back to my studio in New Plymouth, I took this photo.